What Happens If A Debt Is Not Repaid?

Should debtors decide not to address their financial obligations, our staff  working with a local attorney files all judgments, garnishees, etc., with the local town and village courts  and employers.  These costs are then tacked on  to what the debtor owes.  There is no cost to you for this service. Certain county court filings require fees for which you, our customer, would be responsible, but only if you choose fee-specific legal actions.

We also note a debtor’s failure to take responsibility for his/her financial obligations by filing reports with each  of the three national credit reporting companies-Trans Union, Experian, and Innovis.  Again, there is no cost to you for this service.

What Happens When A Debt Is Repaid?

When a debtor makes payment arrangements and pays off his/her debt, an industry-wide standard fee is withheld from any money paid by the debtor and the remaining balance is forwarded to you, our customer, on a monthly basis.  We also report the repayment of the debt to the three national credit reporting companies.  Let us review your invoicing to see how these fees may also be assumed by the debtor.

As an additional service, BATH CREDIT SERVICES can review your invoicing practices and suggest simple, inexpensive ways which permit any collection costs to be added to the debtor’s debt .  Then, if collection is required, the debtor pays our fee and the rest of the amount owed to you is returned to you!